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As CTO/IT we know modern education relies on you.

Incorporating classroom and instructional strategies with IT infrastructure is something you already do best

School Districts Large and small face the same problems when managing technology. There is never enough time, money or resources to manage your technology needs.

It can be nearly impossible to manage the expansive network of computers, servers and mobile devices that each school requires. Your students rely on technology for their learning and when that technology fails, you lose important instructional time in the classroom.

At DGI, we can help change the way you manage your school district’s technology, and it all starts with Rubi.

Rubi is the future of IT management. Created for K-12 districs of all sizes, Rubi provides the entire package for your schools IT infrastructure including hardware, software, licensing and maintenance for a predictable monthly fee which includes and offsets the up-front costs.

Thanks to Rubi, school districts finally have the right technology at the right time. Best of all, Rubi is tailored to your needs and evolves with your district over time.

Rubi is the support you need to position yourself as an influencer of your district’s strategy towards equity. Whether you’re the cabinet-level CTO/CIO or serving as both the network admin and technician, rubi will utilize your existing support network as it brings operations, additional management, integration, and constantly evolving capabilities to your district.

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Case Study 01

Eric Zane, IT Director at Enterprise Elementary School District (EESD) is one of the pioneering consumers of DGI's managed services offering for on-prem Cisco infrastructure. With the district’s 3,800 students, a small IT team, and increasing IT-related goals, Zane knew it was time to grow, or otherwise supplement, his existing team. The decision had to be strategic, so Zane weighed his options: hire a candidate with high-level skill sets and a big price tag, or extend his department by implementing a managed services approach. After careful consideration of advantages and ROI, it was clear that DGI was the best solution for the district.

Case Study 02

Chris York, IT Director at Del Norte County Unified School District (DNUSD), began his network refresh with one major business objective: to build a foundation that would allow effective internal and external communication. He and his team were constantly challenged by the district’s disparate systems that didn’t connect well. Daily operations required all hands on deck and included the entire (lean) IT department and various maintenance workers. With York, one network administrator, and two technicians, the district’s electrician had to travel to all 13 schools (which span approximately 40 miles in three directions), to address issues on site. Download Case Study

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